C2C Lien SearchTM

C2C Lien SearchTM

As a client of Coast 2 Coast Lien Search you will receive the satisfaction of an industry conglomerate with the personal relationship of a niche experience.

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The talent and breadth of experience of our team ensures that, collectively, we are able to help you meet any special challenge that may arise for your organization. In addition, we collaborate with organizations that can add depth to our services so that you can benefit from an integrated and fully functional municipal lien search product.

C2C Lien SearchTM

Products / Services

Municipal Lien Search

We perform full municipal searches in all 50 states. These searches include code violations, building permits, utility balances, and unrecorded municipal liens. With our Municipal Lien Search, you can be sure there are no unrecorded municipal liabilities that could impact the closing or become a cloud on title.

HOA Estoppel Certificate

We can assist in the ordering of HOA Estoppel Requests (Estoppel Certificates) for any property that is located within a Homeowner’s and / or Condominium Association.

An Estoppel Certificate will advise if there are any monthly or yearly assessments that are outstanding and may also include any Board approved special assessments, fines and/or fees for any violations of the Association’s Recorded Governing Docs or Legal Fees associated with a property which may be in collections!

Tax Search / Certificate

We provide accurate tax searches throughout all 50 states. Our tax search service provides everything you need to know, including assessment values, tax bill amounts and balances, delinquent tax search, and tax payment instructions and contact information.

C2C Lien SearchTM

Not all municipal issues are recorded with the official records division of the county clerk. Let us do the research for you to ensure everything is disclosed and resolved prior to settlement.

Thinking about buying a property? How do you know if there will be additional fees or charges? Was the property previously unoccupied due to outstanding and unaddressed issues?

To be sure, a title search will only disclose and report recorded liens subject to a specific property. Few are aware that there can be many unrecorded issues that can result in the imposition of a lien. This includes unresolved violations, building permits that have not been closed properly, or unpermitted structures. The new owner can also become liable for an overlooked utility bill in some cases!

A Municipal Lien Search Will Thoroughly Investigate Any Violations, Permits, Unrecorded Liens, Taxes, and Utilities

Even with the increasing sales of foreclosures in this current market, a lien search may not have been required or completed at times. If you are a buyer, ensure a lien search is done on your next real estate transaction. Better safe than sorry!

Retrieving Public Documents:
As part of our comprehensive service, we also specialize in retrieving public documents that are pertinent to your property search. This ensures you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

**We provide a simple information front page for clear lien searches and also a descriptive “best avenue” second page for searches that have issues.**

***Every search includes a complete page of all municipal and/or county contact information.***

C2C Lien SearchTM

We know Municipal Lien Searches

Several of our clients have discovered the difference in quality, service and integrity of C2C Lien SearchTM when compared to other lien search companies.

Our commitment to our customers is our top priority and we pride ourselves on raising the bar!! While some of our competitors promote fast turn around times (which are essential)...we guarantee fast turn around times without sacrificing accuracy.

We are passionate about our clients and their needs

We demonstrate a difference in the industry as our staff are highly proficient in title standards, rules, regulations, guidelines including, but not limited solely to REO properties. Consequently, we have an unusually fine-tuned understanding of the issues and challenges facing our clients.

The Guarantee

As your business is essential to our success we strive to ensure that our product, service and professionalism is guaranteed with every order!

If there are any inaccuracies in your search we will resolve them immediately without any additional costs. If we ever omit something in any of searches that results in a delay of closing or a financial loss we will not only cover the loss, but provide the search for a reduced fee!

C2C Lien SearchTM

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C2C Lien SearchTM

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