Not all municipal issues are recorded with the official records division of the county clerk. Let us do the research for to ensure everything is disclosed and resolved prior to settlement.

So you are thinking about buying a property? How do you know if there will be additional fees or charges? Was the property previously unoccupied resulting from outstanding and unaddressed issues?

To be sure, a title search will only disclose and report recorded liens subject to a specific property. Few are aware that there can be many unrecorded issues that can result in the imposition of a lien. The same follows for unresolved violations, building permits whihc have not been closed properly or unpermitted structures. The new owner can become liable for an overlooked utility bill as well in some cases!

A Municipal Lien Search will thoroughly investigate any violations, permits, unrecorded liens, taxes and utilities that are associated with the property. Even with the increasing sales of foreclosures in this current market at times at closing a lien search may not have been required or completed. To be safe and if you ar a buyer, then please ensure a lien search has/is done on your next real estate transaction. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

**We provide a simple information front page for clear lien searches and also a descriptive “best avenue” second page for searches that  have issues**

***Every search has a complete page of all municipal and/or county’s contact information***


Our Services include researching the following in Florida:

Commerical and Residential.

We offer and provide municipal lien searches for residential, commercial and vacant land properties.


Code Enforcement & other Municipal/County Debts, Permits

Our Municipal Lien Searches are guaranteed to have all of the pertinent code enforcement and any other outstanding municipal debts owed or against a particular property.  All of the appropriate contact information is also included in your completed municipal lien search.  If any additional information is required outside of the typical scope of a lien search please inquire so we can provide the requested information.


Water and Sewer

All utilities are also included in our completed municipal lien searches.  Please note that some condominium / homeowner associations are on a master meter with a particular municipality.  If you are aware of a third party entity that manages and collects on behalf of an association and need assistance in gathering a specific unit or lot please feel free to contact our office as it is our pleasure to assist in the matter.

Special Assessments

There are times that municipal special assessments are recorded (i.e. exceptions on a title insurance commitment) and if your office needs further investigation as to whether or not an assessment is outstanding or has further been satisfied please feel free to contact our office for assistance.


Typically solid waste collection and disposal are collected either in the properties’ real estate taxes or in a municipalities utility bill.  However, there are instances in which solid waste is within a mandatory collection area by a third party entity as we will always provide that information as well in our completed product.

Property Taxes; Tangible Taxes

All Real Estate, Tangible and/or Business Taxes are always included as well.  If a recorded lien is on your commitment for a Homestead Exemption Penalty (example) please feel free to provide that as well, but more than likely the information will be included in the completed lien search regardless as we ensure all prior years have been paid.


Often, REO closing firms and title companies may not realize that there are affirmative defenses for mitigating fines for code violations which are in compliance. Let us help you mitigate code fines.

We can assist in the mitigation of code enforcement fines which were imposed due to a specific violation of a county or city ordinance.

There are several municipalities that require an official mitigation request be executed prior to the consideration of the city attorney, code enforcement review board or by an attendance of a special magistrate hearing.

Our Services include researching the following in Florida:

We review the particular county/city’s ordinances in an attempt to facilitate an affirmative defense supporting a request for a fine reduction.  We have extensive success in mitigating fines to hard costs and administrative fees that a particular municapilty has incurred.

​Please Note: We do provide all of the pertinent information to a firm’s representative for a successful outcome at the hearing once Coast 2 Coast has submitted the request for reduction.

HOA Estoppel Requests:

We can assist in the ordering of HOA Estoppel Requests (Estoppel Certificates) for any property that is located within a Homeowner’s and / or Condominium Association.  An Estoppel Certificate is due within 15 days as provided by Florida Statute so it is recommended to request an estoppel in ample time prior to a property’s scheduled settlement date.  Please note that the name of the association is required (If within numerous associations please provide contact information for all known associations) so that we are able to obtain the estoppel certificate for your closing.  Any additional contact information is always helpful, but may not be necessary if unavailable.

An Estoppel Certificate will advise if there are any monthly or yearly assessments that are outstanding and may also include any Board approved special assessments, fines and/or fees for any violations of the Association’s Recorded Governing Docs or Legal Fees associated with a property which may be in collections!


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